Join Sheila Divine and Tallulah Magoo in a new show called Whirldfuzzz.

For the next two hours, they bring you an adventure of fuzz, psych, punk, noise and rock’n’roll from all around the world. Join us while we jam out to some our favourite tracks found on the road less travelled…


1. El Opio – Una Bruja En El Cuzco
2. Pow! – @the station
3. The Invaders – No money, no honey
4.The Benders – You can’t tame me
5. Acid Baby Jesus – Vegetable
6. The Psychedelic Aliens – Gbe keke wo taoo
7. Selda – Meydan Sizindir
8. The Family Elan
9. The Witch – Tooth Factory
10. Negative Rage – Figure It Out
11. Pointed Sticks – Somebody’s Mom
12. Gli Incesti – Sabato Midnight
13. The Jackets – Last Chance
14. Cheveu – Lola Langosta
15. La Femme – Le bleus des Francoise
16. UV Race – Cosmic Man
17. Boom Pam –Surfing Tuba
18. Tirogo – Float
19. Toncho Pilatos – Tommy Lyz
20. AKA – Skip Away
21. Os Mutantes
22. Can – Paperhouse


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