The Whirldfuzzz Gurlzzz took another trip over to East London for a SpOoKy HaLLoWeEn FeSt organised by the ever-reliable London promoters Upset The Rhythm. The bill promised four bands’ worth of festivity, but we had a lot of important work to do at the Whirldfuzzz HQ (read: we bought gin), and so we are sorry to admit that we missed The Gutters, The Worms AND ex-Country Teasers mastermind weirdo, Ben Waller aka The Rebel. Ooops!

BUT we managed to scarper over in full Halloween garb just in time for SPRAY PAINT (Tallulah Magoo opted for her default Poison-Ivy-style cat costume-for-all-occasions, Sheila Divine didn’t arrange anything but cleverly improvised with a space print dress, thus steppin’ out as The Universe). And thank frig we made it, because I’m quickly coming round to the idea that they might be the best live band in the business right now.

Now – when it comes to music, I’m a lover not a writer. I could sit here and try and reduce this band down to a sum of influences and tawdry lyric analysis, but I don’t really want to. I guess if I were looking for comparisons, there’s a sprinkling of Sonic Youth discordance and the three of them ‘sing’ with an Americanized Mark E. Smith creepy deadpan drollness. The bandmembers are also evidently stoked at the fact that they’ve been able to work with Ben Waller, as they all cite the Country Teasers as a huge influence. But anyway, to search for similar artists is to reduce Spray Paint in all of their awesome idiosyncrasies. Just listen to ’em, okay? Okay.

I like that there’s kind of a lack of ego watching Spray Paint play – the shared vocals, the way the band present themselves onstage, the oblique, abstract lyrics and the way the two reverbed-out detuned guitars work together with the driving, aggressive drums – it all glues together to create the sort of racket that can only be created by a unit, an ever-mutating well-oiled machine. Hardly anything is truly original in rock’n’roll anymore, but it seems to me that there’s something about the way these dudes work together that makes something interesting and refreshing.

It also helps that they’re tight as hell having been on the road for the most part of 2014. This show in London was towards the end of their first ever European tour, and given that between each of their nasty noisy post-punk offerings, they were all smiles and banter, it seems like they’ve had a good one.

‘It’s been perfect!’ guitarist Cory beams when I ask him about their past month on the road.

And as far as I can tell from this show, I’d have to agree. Every time I’ve seen them, I get all giddy and silly and shout stupid stuff and grin ’til my face hurts. You know what I mean? That feeling when you know you’re watching something reeeeally special?? Man, just do yerself a favour and CHECK ‘EM OUT!

– Tallulah Magoo


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