The Family Elan at The Dentist

25.10.14 So, Whirldfuzzz took its first trip to a gig in London at The Dentist in Homerton. The building is kinda decrepid-looking and creepy, living up to its name having originally been a Dentists’ surgery, and you can watch the band setting up inside through the huge shop window. Whilst this show was actually an album launch for the folk acapella group “The Crying Lion”, who were lovely and sung outside next to an open fire with mulled cider¬† for sale, it wasn’t until we got inside for The Family Elan, that our bones were really warmed and set on fire…

The Family Elan are a three piece from West Yorkshire, playing tripped out Turkish-psychy rambling Greek-infused songs that filled the living room-styled sweat pit with a lot of noise. It was ACE. Drenched in a guitar pedal dreamworld, the Middle Eastern melodies soaked the room, which even caught the attention of neighbours above. Unbeknownst to the band, a creepy hand slipped through a hole in the ceiling, above our heads to take photographs. There was a lot of sweaty dancing. The bass player is called Harry, he was wearing a trippy t-shirt and is also an exquisite piemaker! GO SEE THIS BAND. Harry – Bass player / Chris –¬†Electric Saz and Bouzouki / Keebie – Drummer

harry family elan chris and keebie 2

– Sheila Divine


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